Geckos – Week 2 Term 2

Dear Parents and Friends,

One of our highlights this week was the Halloween celebration at Green School. It was so delightful to see the children dressed in the costumes of their choice. The celebration became more festive through the Trick-or-Treating party with all of the Early Years community. The parents volunteered by setting up stations around the Early Years area, including a Kindy classroom, both playgrounds and on the stairs leading down to the Heart of School. The children enjoyed the games and the treats as well as all the activities in each station. We also joined in the special Halloween assembly with the special guest star Silvya Earle. Thank you to all of the parents for taking part in this special event and making this day more colourful.

The children created arts and crafts related to Halloween as well. We prepared the Trick-or-Treat bag by decorating two pumpkin-shaped papers. Each of us also created a spider art project. The spiders are so cute and you can find them hanging in the front of the classroom!

We also visited the Primary Art Room for a special Mystery Guest, Courtney Mattison. She is a self-proclaimed ocean “artivist” who creates large-scale ceramic coral reef installations.  Courtney has a background in marine ecology and strives to create art that will educate people about coral reef conservation. We were so amazed seeing the pictures of her artworks and learning about the process that she goes through to create her masterpieces.

In Bahasa Indonesia Class, the children had fun playing with the colourful balls while learning about colours with Ibu Par, such as biru (blue), merah (red), kuning (yellow), hijau (green), ungu (purple) and jingga (orange). We also learned a new song in Bahasa Indonesia, “Pelangi-Pelangi”. We created roda warna (the coloured wheel) by colouring a circle which is divided into 6 parts and each part is coloured with a different colour.

For this week, we had a slight change in our timetables for Yoga and Green Studies. The Geckos joined the Starlings for Yoga Class on Tuesday and Green Studies on Friday. The timetables will return to normal for the rest of Term 2. These pictures below show our fun time together with our Starling darling friends.

During Music Class, Pak Brett brought new instruments for us. They are colourful bamboo instruments called “Bambajam”. We played with a bamboo bat called a “mallet”. It was so amazing that each colour bamboo instrument produced a different sound!

The stations in P.W. Class were set focusing on hand-eye coordination, such as throwing balls for a designated distance, bouncing and catching a ball inside a hula hoop while walking zigzag, and hitting a shuttle cock using a racket into a target.

In Cooking Class, we made vegetable fritters with broccoli and green beans. The children helped to cut the green beans and the broccoli.

As you will have spotted on the calendar, there are several dates to note coming up. Here is a list to help you Please keep an eye on our weekly blog as we will update you of any additions or changes.

  1. Dance Week  – 12th – 16th November

  2. Bamboopalooza –  Friday 16th November

  3. School closed Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th November for a PD day and Maulid Nabi, The Prophet Muhammad’s birthday

  4. Full Moon Ceremony – Thursday 22nd November

  5. Early Years Indonesian Assembly – Wednesday 5th December  at 9:00 AM.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you back at school on Monday. Thank you.

Best wishes,

The Geckos


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