Geckos – Week 4 of Term 4

Dear Parents and Friends,

We are happy to report that Geckos children are a  group of kids who love to draw, paint and had begun to write the letters of their own names.  They love doing all of these in their own free time. We realized that the most important and the most basic thing to support these activities is a proper pencil grip. It is paramount for all of us to teach the kids to hold their pencil/brush correctly as pencil grip is one of those things  that’s hard to re-do  if kids initially learn it incorrectly.

Our exploration to insect thematic continues. This week Ibu Kadek introduced  the children to bees and dragonfly through song, story and of course, decorative art .

Green Study this week, Pak Brett lead the children to beautifying our little garden that we made last week by putting on some dry leaves and put some big rocks around it.

Seeds to table program continues.. this week we are planting green beans to create some sprout! With proper care, it usually takes 3 days for them to grow and ready to harvest.

The Indonesian Assembly for the early years is coming soon. The Geckos children are very excited. We talked about it, they picked the roles, they practiced.

We also took the children to yoga class, PE and library and the week is closed by all of us attending the assembly. We had a fun week and already looking forward to see the children on Monday.

With Love,

Geckos Team


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