Geckos – Week 5 Term 2

Dear Parents and Friends,

We had a short week it but was really fantastic. The full moon ceremony was one of our highlights this week. The children made the Kwangen (cone-shaped flower offerings) in the morning.

They dressed in Balinese ceremony clothes and were super proud walking in a parade. We headed to the Gym prior to the ceremony for P.W. Class. The teachers thought that it would be challenging to go in for sports in ceremony clothes but the children managed it differently in a fun way.

The full moon ceremony was really peaceful. Everyone of us engaged and participated really well in that ceremony. We also helped to clean up afterwards and put the flowers and the banana leaves in the bin.

In the other P.W. Class, the children were challenged to work on balancing by moving in many different ways, such as airplane walk, crab walk, kangaroo jump, frog jump, and zigzag run.

During a nature walk, we strolled around the campus to the big pond where the ducks also live. They usually spend time around the side of the pond, out of the water. We also went to the water filtration house to fill up our water bottles. The Geckos got the drinking water from the tap. We also learned that the water tap in that house is a special tap for drinking water and we usually cannot drink water from any other water taps unless it is a clean drinking source.

In Cooking Class, we made an Indonesian dessert called Ketan Srikaya. This cake has two layers and is made from sticky rice. For the green part, we mixed the cooked sticky rice with green leaf juice (natural food colouring and flavouring from suji and pandan leaves). For the white part, the cooked sticky rice was mixed with coconut milk. Then it needed to be steamed again to get it cooked well.

Yoga Class is always fun and exciting with our lovely yoga teacher, Ibu Cherry. This time, the children chose one yoga card from the center of the circle and they attempted to copy the pose. We also warmed up by following some postures to a yoga story. Then we played “Dancing Yoga”. The children free danced when the music was on, and when the music stopped, they chose a new mat and did a yoga pose by copying the pose from the card. Each yoga pose that we practised stimulates imagination, builds strength and increases flexibility. Some of the poses explored today were bow, boat, fish, eagle, cobra, volcano, ski jump and flying supergirl/boy.

Pak Brett brought his ukulele to Music Class. The children sang many songs as well as danced happily to the Green School song.

Next week, the Geckos will be exploring a new thematic lesson entitled “Oceans” through various kinds of activities, such as singing songs, rhymes, movements and stories, as well as art projects. Our performance in the Indonesian Assembly will also be related with this new theme. Here are some pictures of our practices before we perform it on the stage for you. We are super excited!

The Geckos will also have field trip to Yellow Coco, Tuesday November 27th. Please send back the permission slip in e-mail sent on Wednesday by Ibu Russlee on the Green School Bali Notification.

Terima kasih.

Have a lovely weekend.

Best wishes,

The Geckos


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