Geckos – Week 6 Term 1

Dear Parents and Friends,

We had a very short but fun week this week with only three days of school days. We also started our new thematic lesson this week “Community Helper” which explores through songs, movement, and stories. We also created a role play during Circle Time, accompanied by a song “Miss Polly” and the children took turns playing the role as Miss Polly, the doctor, and the dolly.

We visited Kembali, the recycling center at school, to find some reused material we can use for art and craft.

During P.E Class, we played obstacle courses as well as practised hopping, skipping, jumping, sliding, and running. We also played a game “what time is it Mr. Wolf?”.

The children practised drumming with Pak Brett at Music Class.

We made jackfruit fritter (nangka goreng) during Cooking Class. The children helped to shred the jackfruit then make the mixture by stirring and mixing flour, salt, and brown sugar. They love to eat it! Yummy…

More yoga poses were exposed during Yoga Class with Ibu Cherry. We also practised movements in “Sun Salutation” song. The children are always excited to do any activities that contains physical movements and always eager to try every new pose.

Body parts were still explored during Bahasa Indonesia Class. We played guessing game by tapping the picture while Ibu Par mentioned the words in Bahasa Indonesia. We also created a traditional spinner toy from baby coconut and rubber band. The children engaged in making the cool toy as well as played with it.

This Wednesday we celebrated the twins birthday, Casilda and Olivia. Feliz cumpleaños!

The specialist timetable for Term 1 is already set. Please see the list below for our weekly specialist timetable.

Monday: Library

Tuesday: Green Studies

Wednesday: P.W Class

Thursday: P.W Class and Music Class

Friday: Yoga Class

Please note that this schedule is for the rest of Term 1. Please also remember to pack sport shoes for P.W Class.

Thank you.

Have a restful weekend and see you on Monday.

Best wishes,

Ibu Kadek, Ibu Par, Ibu Pitri


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