Geckos Week 6 Term 2

Dear Parents and Friends,

We hope you all have had an amazing weekend spent with your family and friends and are ready for the week as we will have something really special happen.

Yoga Class

This week yoga class was a little bit different because we had to wear our Balinese traditional clothes during the class. The Geckos were having so much fun in yoga class for almost an hour with our lovely Ibu Cherry. The children enjoyed to follow the movements in a musical story called “Dragon Hunt” along with the “Parts of the Body”, through dance and yoga poses. The poses they practiced included table, chair, bridge, cow, cat, frog and tree.

We also had a special Mystery Guest during our Yoga Class…..Ibu Par! Since we were already dressed in ceremony clothes, she surprised us by doing a Balinese dance and all of the Geckos enjoyed trying to follow the complex movements. This proved that both yoga and Balinese dance can be so much fun and also use a lot of similar skills, such as flexibility, balance and coordination. The Geckos also had a challenge to balance on some yoga blocks that were arranged as the bridge (Crocodile River). The teachers pretended to be the crocodiles and some Geckos also enjoyed to be the crocodiles. The class ended with the Savasana (yoga relaxing time).

Music Class

“Good Morning Song”

Selamat pagi Geckos

Selamat Pagi Guru…

Apa kabarnya?

Baik- baik saja (or the children might tell their feeling in Bahasa Indonesia)

Ibu Jamie and Pak Aris came for Music Class this week. We sang a good morning song in Bahasa Indonesia. The Geckos also practised singing “Cicak-cicak di Dinding” and “Sayonara” to help them get ready for our performance. The teachers challenged the Geckos to sing this song first while the teachers did the actions. In the second round, the teachers sang and the students did the actions. They also experienced to sing this song in groups. After this, the Geckos played the chicken game and whoever got the most points had a chance to choose the last game of the day to close the class which was ‘The Blue Bird Game”. This also helped them to focus their attention during the class.

Early Years Indonesian Assembly

The highlight of this week was the amazing Early Years Indonesian Assembly. Such awesome team work was showed in our Early Years environment between the students and teachers, teachers and teachers, as well the parents and staff that made this day run smoothly. The students showed their dedication to practice and work on the costumes and doing great collaborative work with the teachers.

The Rehearsals

Stage decorations by our lovely teachers after school

The Show

The day is here! The show opened with a wonderful “Tari Pendet” (Pendet Dance), followed by the play from the Geckos “Belalang dan Teman-teman” which is showing the great team work as well as sharing and caring for each other. Starlings Putih taught us about beautiful colours in their play, “Warna” and Starlings Merah showed us how important it is to keep our environment clean and safe  in their skit, “Jagalah Kebersihan”. After that, the Kindy took us on their “Jalan-jalan” by Bio Bus all around Bali searching for the Bali Starling bird. You did a GREAT JOB! Super proud of all of you!!

All about Geckos

Early Years

P.W. Class

This week in  P.W. Class with Ibu Amanda was so much fun. The Geckos engaged in multiple games, such as “The Hungry Hippo” game and the statue game or freeze game. For the freeze game, when the music is on, the Geckos have to run or do kangaroo jumps, frog jumps or skipping and when the music stops, they have to freeze. In “Hungry Hippo”, the students need to work in teams to collect their foods (balls and cones). They have to take turns to run to get the food and run back to the group, then give a high five to the next friend before they have their turn.

Mystery Guest

Make sure the lions you roll with aren’t snakes in disguise.” ― Genereux Philip


Come closer please, I am not that scary. Pak Ron Lilley came to the Geckos class as the Mystery Guest and brought his special friends Anuk, Sari, baby wolf snake and a newborn snake. The children and the teachers had the opportunity to learn more about these reptiles and even touch them.

Please Note: There are over 50 kinds of snakes in Bali, and they easily misidentified. Please be aware of the procedures when you are seeing a snake, such as leave it alone, back away slowly, watch where the snake goes, and ask others for help. If you are interested about snakes, feel free to contact him on this email: or WhatsApp him on this number; 081338496700 He is more than happy to help you. Thank you Pak Ron for the great experience with all of your friends.


The Geckos explored a new thematic lesson about “Fairy Tales” and for the introduction, Ibu Kadek presented a  puppet show about “The Goldilocks and The Three Bears”. The students really enjoyed the puppet show and listened intently. This story is a fun way to learn about maths, specifically measuring as they need to find out which chair is the biggest one, smaller (medium) and the smallest one. They were also challenged to draw the things that they heard on the story which good for practice their memory and listening comprehension.  Another point to this story is to learn about asking permission (saying please and thank you).

TERIMA KASIH BANYAK! MATUR SUKSMA! Last but not least, we are very grateful for all of your support. All day long after the assembly, we felt like we were walking on rainbows and smiling, just being so incredibly thankful for each of you, and all of your positive feedback that you have been giving. The work that went into this production was massive and to see the children shine, the teachers shine and the parents shine this morning was truly amazing.

Please save the date for the Geckos Field Trip to Bali Bird Park and Reptile Park on the 3rd of December…this Tuesday. Please pack a full water bottle, snack, lunch, hat, sunscreen and spare clothes. We will depart around 8:45 am from the classroom to get to the Bio Bus parking lot and and we will be back to school around 2:30 pm.

We look forward to hear from you, feel free to reach us through email ( or any time at drop off time or pick up time. There are also notes written on the whiteboard in front of the class. This is a kind reminder to check your email and find the “Permission Slip” that has been sent and please send it back to us at

Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

Warmest regards,

The Geckos Team


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