Geckos – Week 6 Term 2

Dear Parents and Friends,

One of the keys of happiness is always to be grateful for whatever we have and fight for the things we wish for (quote of the week).

We are always grateful for spending each school day playing with friends and teachers, creating such amazing connections with all the children and teachers in our Early Years Learning Neighbourhood. This week, the rain came so often which made our days become nice and cool!

A key highlight this week was our field trip to Yellow Coco. We had loads of fun going in a Bio Bus. We arrived at Yellow Coco and met Ibu Susan, Pak Susi, and Ibu Tri. We did a lot of activities and created arts and craft and of course played.

During our thematic lesson, the children worked together on a new boat project. We worked collaboratively with classmates and teachers painting the ocean on a big, pre-used box as we worked we told stories about our boat adventures. We also thought about where we see boats, where they might go and what lives in our oceans. We are learning about sea creatures as part of this project and the children created by making a crab using their hand prints.

Playing games is very important for our motor skills development and spacial awareness as well as helping us to be strong and healthy. We played fun ones in our P.W Class, including the “car” game, the “saucer and cup” game, and the “dragon eggs” game. When we played “car game”, each child stayed in a hula hoop (as the car) and drove it around in the gym when the music was on. This was a lot of fun but the action really started when the music stopped and Pak Garret said “flat tire”  and the children put the hula hoop down and jumped in and out the hula hoop 5 times. If he said “around the block”  we had to put the hula hoop down and walk around it one time and there were other instructions too such as “walk the dog” (roll the hula hoop) , “spin the wheel” (spin the hula hoop), and “hula hoop” (do the hula hoop while counting up to 5).  Pak Putu taught us how to play  “saucer and cup” where the girls were the saucers and the boys became the cups. Dragon’ eggs game saw everyone practising walking in various ways.

Pak Brett came during Music Class and played his ukulele while we practised singing the songs for our performance.

In cookery this week we made  the Indonesian cake, called “klepon”. It was a bit hard to roll dough made from rice flour because it does not stick together as well as the wheat flour dough that we use to make our play dough. The children were not worried by this however and did not hesitate to have a try and they did a super job!

Yoga Class this week with Ibu Cherry was really awesome. We played Yoga Duck Duck Goose and also balanced and stretched in our own pose whilst our classmates copied our choice.

Please save the date for our Indonesian Assembly next Wednesday, December 5th. It will start at 9 AM in front of the pirate ship in the kindergarten playground and finish at around 10 AM.  Please can you drop off your child on time at 8.15 AM, because the Geckos are going to get ready for our show! Yay!…

On Thursday, December 6th, we have been invited to visit the Drama Studio to watch some Grade 2 performances. We will have the early slot, from 8.45 – 9.30 AM, then we will go straight to P.W Class after that so please also arrive on time at 8.15 AM so the children can have a little bit of play time before we head to see the show.

Looking forward to seeing you on Monday. We are so excited for next week.

Have a marvelous weekend.

Best wishes,

The Geckos


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