Geckos – Week 9 Term 1

Dear Parents and Friends,

This week was such an exploration and a week full of fun. One of our highlights this week was our first field trip to a playground in Sanur, called Peek-A-Boo. We took the Bio Bus, and the children were fascinated being in a big bus with all of their friends and teachers. The children had a great time exploring the new place and playing with all the toys and each other. The children were so active that on the way home, every child fell asleep during the bus ride back to school!

We explored the space under our classroom during a Nature Walk. We climbed up and down the hill and we realized that our classroom is “floating” above the ground. We found lots of toys from the classroom which had dropped down accidentally so we were able to take care of our toys and bring them back to their proper home.

In our thematic lesson, still about “Community Helpers”, the children created chef hats. They challenged their fine motor skills by cutting through straight lines and curved lines to make the hat. Then they decorated it by sticking mixed materials using glue. We are grateful for the wonderful chefs at Green School who prepare our fruit salad twice a day as well as our school lunches.

We also visited Kembali to find recycled materials to make a toy car. They were super excited!

More vocabularies in Bahasa Indonesia were introduced during Bahasa Indonesia Class with Ibu Par. The new words was explored through various arts and crafts, such as duck (bebek) and monkey (monyet).

During Budaya Indonesia Class, a folktale from North Sumatra was told, entitled “Danau Toba” (the history of Lake Toba). The children were mesmerized by the puppet show.

The Geckos and the Starlings were having a great time during our first Teman-teman buddy this Friday with Grade 4 Putih students. It was amazing seeing their interactions and connections with the older students.

In Cooking Class, we made a super yummy Banana Bread. The children smashed the bananas and mixed the dough.

These pictures below show our activities during the specialist classes this week.

  1. Library visit

  1. P.W Class (we played obstacles games and “stuck in the mud” game)

  1. Yoga Class (Ibu Cherry brought some animal toys. The children choose one animal then imitated the animal in yoga pose)

We also celebrated the birthday of Victor today. Happy Birthday Victor. Feliz cumpleaños! Thank you for sharing the special birthday treat with all of us. We wish that you have a great day!

Next week is the last week of school for Term 1. Next Saturday (October 13), there will be a Saraswati Ceremony. It is the ceremony for honoring the Goddess Saraswati as the symbol of the knowledge and arts which is illustrated as a very beautiful woman with four arms holding (and playing) a zither, scriptures and rosary beads; all representing the characteristics of knowledge. This ceremony is held every six months (210 days), on Saturday of Watugunung (the last week in the Balinese calendar system) and is celebrated all over Bali; at home, in temples, schools and offices. The whole Green School community is invited to the ceremony at Green School. The ceremony takes place at our temple on campus next to the Heart of School from 9:30 Am to 12:00 PM. Please arrive at 9:00 AM if you are joining. Please wear Balinese ceremony clothes to attend the ceremony. More details will be informed by email and have already been sent in the weekly newsletter. After this, our mid-semester holiday will begin and school will be closed for the following week and will resume on Monday, October 22. Thank you for your support and have a wonderful weekend.

Warm regards,

The Geckos Team

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