Geckos – Welcome Back to Term 4

Dear Parents and Friends,

A warm greeting from us welcoming all of you in this Term 4. We hope you had a wonderful break over Nyepi and Galungan Holidays. We are so delighted to see all the Geckos’ children coming back to school with excitement and happines. This term will last only for ten weeks. Hopefully we will spend the rest nine weeks full of fun, joy, and adventours.

We started this term by exploring the life of butterfly in our new thematic unit “Butterfly Garden”. The children were so excited to learn about the cycle of butterfly. It starts with a tiny little egg.

Then the egg hatches and a caterpillar comes out of the egg. The caterpillar munches and munches like eating machine.

Then it turns in to a cocoon.

Let us wait for few more days until the cocoon splits open its case and see what is going to come out.

On Monday, during Cooking Class, we made Pisang Bakar (Banana Toast) with palm sugar, cocoa powder, and cheese on top.

Then on Nature Walk we visited Begawan Foundation. One of the Geckos’s children brought a toy for the parrots and we went to see if the parrots like it and play with it.

We ended our walk at the Magic Crystal and have a picnic with our Pisang Bakar.

In Yoga Class, we met a Mystery Yoga Teacher. Her name is Ibu Lina. We had fun at Yoga Class with her.

Another exciting activity at P.E Class with Pak Bambang. We have a new mattres and a new tunnel to play with. Yayy….

Pak Brett took us on a walk during Green Studies Class. Some children said “look, caterpillar swimming”. Yes, they were swimming in the fish pond! Can you spot them?

Please note that there will be no school tomorrow due to National Holiday (Good Friday).

Thank you everyone for making this first week of Term 4 to be a wonderful one. Looking forward to have more fun in the coming weeks.

Have a lovely long weekend. See you back on Monday and Selamat Kuningan and Happy Easter to those who celebrate it.

Much love, Ibu Kadek, Ibu Pipit, Ibu Dewi


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