Geckos ~ End of Term 3, SELAMAT HARI RAYA NYEPI

Dear Parents and Friends,

SELAMAT HARI RAYA NYEPI! The Balinese will celebrate the day of silence – Nyepi Day – this Saturday, March 17th. This year is the Caka New Year of 1940. You might found a lot of traffic jam these past few days, it was because of the sequences of the ritual started 3-4 days before Nyepi. If you stay in Bali during Nyepi Day, please make sure to prepare food in advance as all stores and restaurants will be closed on Saturday. No one is allowed onto the beaches and streets. But all activities will be back to normal on the following days.

The last day of Term 3 was enlivened by Green School’s amazing Ogoh-ogoh parade. This week, we finally launched the name of our cute little ogoh-ogoh. We all agreed to name it Ningning Jellyfish, which the idea came from the children. The children are super proud to see the hard works they did when they created their ogoh-ogoh.

The teachers helped to design the shirt. The children made their headband, then we call it “a kiss on forehead”.

Today, we celebrated the our annual ogoh-ogoh parade. We prepared ourselves in the morning. The teachers helped the children to put jellyfish face paint, as well as changed into our class shirt.

We won the award for the Cutest and Loveliest Ogoh-ogoh. Yay!!

During the parade, the children were so excited carrying our Ningning Jellyfish Ogoh-ogoh. We would like to extend our gratitude to all parents and Green School staffs and High School students for helping us to carry our ogoh-ogoh.

Other highlights this week:

On Monday, we created sea horse during thematic lesson.

We carried our ogoh-ogoh to the Gym on Wednesday then visited the ducks and fish during our Nature Walk.

We had special P.E Class on Monday and we played games using parachute with Pak Garret and Pak Putu.

On rainy Tuesday afternoon, we saw water flowing under our classroom. Nicky said “Look, there is river under there”

We hope you have restful holiday and amazing vacation spent with family and friends. School will be resumed on Wednesday, April 4th.

We will miss you our little friends. Looking forward to seeing you in Term 4.

Best wishes,

Ibu Kadek, Ibu Par, Ibu Pitri

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