Geckos ~ Term 1, Week 10

Dear Parents and Friends,

The end of the first term is here! We would like to say happy holidays to our wonderful children for a well deserving break. They’ve been doing incredibly well during our first term journey; working on their social skills, independent stance and physical side of their growing body and mind. We saw it before our eyes; friendship emerges, more and more words  being said, responsibility and kind gestures shown. We are humbled and in awe, always do.

Big thanks to parents and the children caregivers ; we are touched by how many of you communicating with us to synchronize the school and home values.

Let’s see what the children were up to during our last week of the term;

On the playground

Gecko’s monkey bar, never short of adorable monkey to practice their agility

Outside play is always the best time to play with the sand

To chill over the grainy ground

To talk over yummy fruits

To play with friends from different classes

To play with water and get really wet

To run around

Or just being there with friends. All good

On thematic lessons

We made a boat, sang and did movements with “A sailor went to the sea” song. At the end of the song, we asked our little sailors to shout out anything that they saw -“And all that he could see, see, see ” – Was……The children shouted out .. Fish! …Whale!.. Seal!.. Shark!.. Rubbish!..

We made two big posters of Toucan and Bali Starling

Then presented them to the Bird keepers in Begawan sanctuary as our  thank you for taking such a good care of these amazing creatures

The thematic ended with the children sharing their gratitude to someone who helps them

‘And more ;

We made Bubur Injin. It was so yummy, when other children were playing Molly preferred to stay and enjoyed another bowl of this sticky black rice porridge

PE with Pak Bambang. The children had a sweaty fun time playing with PE toys, “What’s the time, Mr. Wolf” game and shared giggling moment in whispering game

We made batik with Ibu Krisna during Budaya Indonesia time

We moved our growing seed from nursery bamboo to a temporary “pot” during Green Study lesson with Pak Brett

We visited Kindy class to join them and starling’s children. They invited us to meet their special mystery guest, Wati Who is on the mission of travelling around the world on her bamboo bike while introducing laughter yoga. We had a great time

We played with water inside the classroom! Now that is special!

These are specials too

Mud Pitt time!

And here’s the icing of the cake that wrapped up our 1st term nicely

Fresh off the Bio Bus, the children excitedly entered the peekaboo playground

We are so looking forward to see everyone next week.

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday!

With love,

Gecko Team

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