Geckos ~ Term 1 Week 8

Dear Parents and Friends,

The end of the term is near; please make sure that you’ve made an appointment for our Parents – Teachers Conference if you haven’t already done so. As the youngest class at Green School, many of the gecko’s children have elder sibling; so for many of you this wouldn’t be your first PTC, but for some, this is going to be their first time. How exciting!

We are also excited about this last theme of the term where we will explore our neighborhood as a community. This week Ibu Kadek introduced the children to many different professions through songs, movements, artworks and guessing games, focusing on Firemen, Policemen, and doctor (nurse). The firemen song was clearly a winner for everybody as the song can be heard quietly sung by the children during the free play throughout the week. If you asked them, we are sure that they’ll happily demonstrate the song and the movement to you. The best part was, we got to meet some of these community helpers! Here are some of our activities in Pictures:

Pak Reiss, one of the school nurses, came to the classroom and brought his stethoscope and thermometer. Niluh volunteered to have her temperature checked.

After one minute the thermometer made a beeping sound. Everyone excitedly checked the result.

We met Pak Polisi. We learned from Pak Ngurah of what he was wearing; his boots, big belts, special watch and special uniform that has many badges and pockets. Ai yi yi.. He forgot to bring his hat!

The children are very excited to visit Pak Muri the Tailor in his workshop. Who wouldn’t be? with his magic sewing machine and his own hands, he helped us make our dolls and toys well again.

We picked different kinds of leaves and observed them together during Green Studies lesson. The children are fascinated with how diverse they are.

Aiden collected the leaves.

One of the children favorite activities of cooking class is to get to know the ingredients. This week the children had their chance to use their senses to look at, to feel, to squeeze, to smell, to break, to crush  and to taste daun suji.

Niluh sniffed on daun suji, the special leaf that responsible for giving our yummy green pie that brilliant color.

The green batter

Bahasa Indonesia time. We learned the word mata – eyes – and when they hear the question “Mana matamu?” – where’s your eyes? – they will blink their eyes excessively. So adorable…

We observed the eyes of our toy animals too

Through artworks activity we made …

Police badge. Here’s Enea proudly stuck his badge on his shirt.

Five firemen on duty. Like Oak here

Pak Bambang got the children moved their bodies through music this week. We learnt the chicken and penguin dance!

PE with Pak Bambang or should we say.. dance with Pak Bambang

What should the hungry children do before lunch? 🙂

We will continue on exploring this theme next week. Before we say goodbye, we would like to remind you to please bring a pair of closed shoes every Wednesday for PE. Looking forward for another exciting week!

With love,

Gecko team

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