Geckos ~ Week 1 of Term 2

Dear Parents and Friends,

Welcome back! We are delighted to see the Geckos back at school and hope you had a wonderful vacation. The first week of Term 2 was filled with joy by exploring our new thematic unit “Once upon a Time” which will last for four weeks. This week, we started with a fairy tale “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. The children listened to storytelling and sang songs related to the theme such as “Little Miss Muffet”, “Jack and Jill”, “Fairy Tale Song”, and “All Around the Castle” . We also had been busy by preparing Friday’s special event at Green School, “Halloween”. The children were so excited welcoming this special day.

Here are some activities had been done this week:

Cooking Class on Monday

We visited the pigs and piglets during our Monday Nature Walk.

Welcoming Halloween, the children weaved to make Cobweb…..

and coloring on a “spider”.

Ibu Russlee’s Yoga Class on Tuesday.

They crossed “Crocodile River”, trying not to fall off the stepping wood.

Guess what we made…

this is the next step, and….

ta-daa… our paper Jack-O-Lanterns are ready!

Ibu Rina, our Mystery Guest. She creates children’s song both in Bahasa Indonesia and English. She taught us some of her songs and Yoga poses as well.

Yoga poses with Ibu Rina.

During Green Studies, Pak Brett and Pak Made took us to our garden next to our class. We gave the plants some water.

We also moved and planted the plants from the pot to our garden.

On Thursday, we had our first fire drill of the year. The children were explained what emergency is and what we do if there is emergency at school.

A huge thank you from everyone’s enthusiastic participation during Halloween Trick or Treating on Friday.  It was a really great moment and everyone had a wonderful time. The children loved it so much.

Also on Friday, the Early Years started the Green School SHIFT Program, using the Kind Words. Please check your child’s bag for a beautiful drawing he/she made with some kind words written on it (they said the kind words and the teachers helped to write them down).

This term, we would love to have parents visit the classroom to be Mystery Guests. This is part of our Early Years program and for the Pre-K Geckos, we wait until the students are more settled in before beginning this program. With the start of Term 2, we are ready for you to come read a story or perhaps lead an art project, cooking class, etc. A cooking class would be Mondays at 9:20 am and for reading a story or leading a craft project, Wednesdays at 9:00 am would be great. If you prefer another day or time, please send an email, and we can work with your schedule.

We hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and see you back on Monday.

Thank you for your continued support.

With love,

*Ibu Kadek, Ibu Pipit, Ibu Dewi*


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