Geckos ~ Week 2 of Term 2

Dear Parents and Friends,

One of the best places where you can chill-out with your child in the school is the library. We are very fortunate to have a weekly scheduled visit to the library. Every Friday, we have enough visit time for the children to listen to Ibu Ayu’s chosen story and for each child to borrow a book for our class. Because of the children’s tender age, we are not encouraged them to borrow books to take home. We, however, would like to encourage you to take your child to the library to let them choose any book to take home. Do visit the library and meet our librarian, the lovely Ibu Ayu. She will show you our library, your child’s card and the process of borrowing books to take home. This week, through Jack and the beanstalk story, the Fairy tale thematic has brought us to the land of the Giants. We were incorporating this story into various art projects, singing and acting. Fii… Fi… Fo… Fum…  

Which one is Jack?

The Giant house

The Beanstalk

The Harp

                  Here are some other activities we did throughout the week in pictures; Nature Walk

We played in Jungle Gym

The children challenged themselves to climb up and down the tricky rope and bamboo stairs

This is where our drinking water comes from

Say hello to the ducks

                                Cooking Class

Ellioit taking his cooking skill seriously, he made many different shapes of giling-giling to cook

and so is Aiden. We all made a joke that giling-giling is food made out of playdough!

  Green Studies, Music and Budaya Indonesia  

Gardening with Pak Brett

Musical Statue with Pak Brett and Pak Made. Children’s fav time.

This week was Ibu Krisna’s turn to meet the children

This week was completed by some gravity defying actions taught by Ibu Andrea, our mystery guest- friend of Ibu Leslie. The children acted as if they were in the real circus show. It was so much fun.

Human Pyramid

Human Tower?

Aiden’s balancing skill act

Nirvana managed to balance himself. Tadaaa…

                                      We are so looking forward to meeting the children on Monday. See you soon… With Love, Gecko Team

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