Geckos ~ Week 2 of Term 3

Dear Parents and Friends,

This week was a bit longer and more beautiful than usual as we closed the week by doing the Saraswati ceremony on Saturday. Some of the Gecko’s children came with their parents dressed beautifully in Balinese outfits. In honoring and celebrating the Goddess of knowledge, we were not just offering our pray but also saw many energetic, beautiful dances  and ate special nasi yasa for lunch. Leading to the day, Geckos learned about who Dewi Saraswati was. We made kwangen (triangular folded banana leaf filled with variety of flowers and pandan leaf), and gebogan (fruits offering).

As the Chinese New Year, year of the rooster is approaching,  the children made many different kinds of art to celebrate it. After they made a collaborative dragon art work, this week they  heard about the origin of Chinese zodiac story and made an individual dragon that breath fire!  And as part of the thematic week, the children made a tree and it’s leaves with the print of their hand, forearm as the branches and trunk, and single finger print as the leaves. It was a fun mess. 

On Monday we made steamed Kue Putu, an Indonesian snack made out of rice flour. Coconut, palm sugar and pandan leaf.  After cooking class, we did the nature walk where the children went to Green Camp green field and exploring the area to identify some of the trees that grow there. The children were quite impressive, they knew which one was papaya, cacao, star fruit, banana and of course, bamboo tree! We went on to walk down, heading to the bridge where they were asked to capture their favorite tree through drawing. Then we ate our Kue Putu!

Pak Brett and Pak Made took the children to water the plant, walking around the campus to observe the wonder of nature. On the walk, they saw noni fruit, and  a very unique phallus indusiatus;  a bamboo fungus or net mushroom. They also observed an energetic baby golden snail moved from one leaf to another leaving a trail of sticky slime. 

PE class with Pak Bambang made the children all hot and sweaty. They ran, jumped, did weight lifting, threw the hoop and caught it back, then played a PE games that incorporating a collaborative work such as running together while holding each other’s hand.

In Budaya Indonesia, Ibu Krisna introduced the children to the Balinese traditional outfits, then she gave them the picture to color. 

We also did yoga class with Ibu Ruslee and music class with Pak Brett. We didn’t go to the library as the rain poured heavily when we were scheduled to go. So we played dressed up, played the music and danced around in the classroom instead. It was so much fun!

There your story of the week, dear Parents and Friends.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, we are so looking forward to meeting your children again!

With love,

Geckos team

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