Geckos ~ Week 2 of Term 4

Dear Parents and Friends,

Our Head of school Ibu Leslie has encouraged us to do “from seed to table program”. We decided that we started small. We collected the seeds from the children’s snacks, put it into a special place – a recycled paper egg box. When they dried out, Pak Brett took the children to plant them in a small recycled plastic container and when they ready, we planted it around the school.

Our exploration to Butterflies’ theme continue, Ibu Kadek has taken the children to make so many wonderful butterflies art in different shape and materials.

We did the hand gestures telur-ulat- kepompong- kupu kupu action,

we explored the campus area to search for eggs, caterpillar, cocoon and butterfly. We just haven’t found the eggs yet!

During our exploration we found a bunch of attractive red fungus.

Last week we were saying goodbye to our adorable monster –Ramon. We took him back to the class, then dismantled each part of his body, gave some of his pieces to Kembali and use the other part for our own art project.

We did other exciting activities like yoga, PE, library as usual. The Sustainable Solutions exhibition was on, the highlight was looking at the Leopard Geckos brought by 5th Grader! very exciting!

Thats all for now, we are so looking forward to have another fun week with the children.

With Love,

Geckos team

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