Geckos ~ Week 2 Term 2

Dear Parents and Friends,

We have just had another exciting and full of fun week this week. This week we explored a story “Jack and the Bean Stalk”. The story was exposed through story reading, puppet show, songs, art project as well as in Yoga Class and Cooking Class.

Story reading

Puppet show

In cooking Class, we made Green Bean Fries, inspired from “Jack and the Bean Stalk story”.

In Yoga Class, the story of “Jack and the Bean Stalk” was exposed through Yoga movements.

During thematic lesson, we made bean stalk and the castle. Weaving and counting at the same time was also part of our learning this week.

During Green Studies Pak Brett took us on a walk. We found okra plants and we ate cherry tomatoes that we picked from the garden. Then we met the men who built mud houses (mud castle- that is what we call it). They invited us to join and help them doing the project. It was so cool!

Today, the Starling invited us to join their walk to see a special project from a Starling parent next to the gym. It was a New Zealand traditional method of cooking using heated rocks buried in a pit oven, called Hāngi.

On Monday, October 30th, there will be Halloween celebration at Green School. In Early Years, we will have Trick or Treat party starting at 9am to 10am. Please encourage your child to come to school dress up as anything they want. As the preparation to that special day, the children created bat craft using tissue roll. We also made trick or treat pumpkin bag.

A quick reminder that school will be closed next Tuesday, October 30th and Wednesday, October 31st for Galungan Holiday. Galungan is a Balinese holiday celebrating the victory of dharma (goodness) over adharma (wickedness). It marks the time when the ancestral spirits visit the Earth. The Hindu people in Bali will pray and bring offerings to temples. The date is calculated according to the 210-days Balinese calendar. The most obvious sign of the celebrations are the penjor – bamboo poles with offerings suspended at the end. These are installed by the side of roads.

We hope you have a great time at Bamboo Palooza and enjoy the foods, games, and the performances.

Have a restful weekend and see you Monday.

Warm regards,

Ibu Kadek, Ibu Par, Ibu Pitri

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