Geckos ~ Week 3 Term 1

Dear Parents and Friends,

What an amazing week we had this week. With a few member in our Geckos Class, it just feels like “We are A Family”, a special family. We talked a lot about Mommy and Daddy, that they are always in our love heart. We love our Mommy and Daddy as well as our brother and sister, and we love our Geckos family.

During thematic lesson, this week we explored our body parts. We started from our head. We have two eyes, two eyebrows, one nose, one mouth, two ears, and hair. The children created face puppet. They drew the mouth and the eyebrows. All of them said, that their puppet has happy face 🙂

We also created silly face collage project. They are challenged to stick eyes, nose, and mouth in the right order/place.

Exploring the other body parts, the children needed to finish a puzzle. They arranged sticking head, body, arms, and legs in the right order.

We started doing mindfulness session, by making our “calm down bottle”. We reused plastic bottle, filled with water, glitter, and sparkles.

In Cooking Class, we made delicious smoothie. The children helped cutting mango and banana. Mmmm…. so yummy!

They cleaned up and washed their own utensils after cooking.

Today, during Nature Walk, we walked down to visit the pigs and the piglets. We also saw a cow, ducks, and the rabbits. We went in to the jungle and climbed the hill. It was so much fun 🙂

During Bahasa Class, Ibu Par introduced some Bahasa songs, as well as explored the parts of body through art projects. Ibu Par also introduced the word “Ibu” for Mommy.

These are some more pictures during the specialist classes:

*Pak Brett took us to the gardens to find some edible plants during Green Studies.

*P.E Class with Pak Garret. The children played obstacle games.

*Bamba Jam with Pak Duncan :). Bamba Jam is musical instrument made from Bamboo. We use mallet to produce sound.

*We danced during Music Class with Pak Brett. He showed us some videos of dance.

We hope you are enjoying the Early Years Party. Have fun and have a great weekend.

With love,

Ibu Kadek, Ibu Par, Ibu Pitri

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