Geckos ~ Week 5 Term 3

Dear Parents and Friends,

We had another amusing week this week. This week is also the last week for our thematic lesson “Plants around Our School”, which this week focused on “Vegetables”. We created astonishing art and crafts related to the theme. The children were so thrilled by their work and effort where they were challenged in many fine motor skill activities, for examples cutting, weaving, sticking, and stirring.

* Carrot paper craft

*Corn – weaving craft

*Marbled paper craft using shaving cream and food colouring.

The children also created a card which the result will be showed and posted next week as a surprise. So excited and cannot wait for the end result 🙂

During Nature Walk we searched for vegetables plants. We also found a flower, saw a huge snail, as well as picked some berries.

The children enjoyed the step by step during Cooking Class, such as cutting bananas, grating casava, cutting banana leaves, and stirring the mixture, as well as eating their school-made Rolade Singkong Pisang (Casava banana rolade) served with grated coconut and palm sugar.

Ibu Par played acting role with the children during Bahasa Indonesia Class as well as introduced more Bahasa Indonesia songs to the children. We also created apple lantern paper craft. We talked about the phenomenal fruit that most of the people don’t like its smell, durian. Then the children created the durian craft, and hopefully we can try eat durian next week. Yummmm….!

In Yoga Class, we played yoga freeze dance with Ibu Russlee. We also practised some yoga poses, like:

“bridge” pose

“happy baby” pose

“baby cobra” pose

“Mommy cobra” pose

Pak Brett brought a special instrument for us to play. It’s a kind of wind instrument that produces funny sound when you blow it.

It’s always fun when it comes to Library time, because we can listen to different story that Ibu Ayu read for us every week.

Here are some more pictures from our weekly P.E Class

The children were so cheerful and excited to perform at the assembly today. The Geckos and the Starlings practised during Bamba Jam Class and on the big stage at the Sangkep before the go to the real show. Gratitude to Pak Brett, Pak Duncan, and Pak Garret for playing in our band.

The performance was extremely stunning. We are so proud of you all!

Next week, we will celebrate V-Day on Wednesday, February 14th. There will be a joint V-Day dance performance by Green School Community.  There will also be a night performance called “V-Day Voices”, information shared on newsletter and school blog. School will be closed on Friday February 16th for Chinese New Year holiday.

Please note, the Early Years Potluck Breakfast will be on Thursday, February 15th.

We hope you have a lot of fun this weekend and see you on Monday.

Best wishes,

Ibu Kadek, Ibu Par, Ibu Pitri


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