Geckos ~ Week 6 and 7 of Term 3

Dear Parents and Friends,

This is the best, busiest time of the year and it is only happen in Bali. Ogoh-Ogoh time!. Nyepi or Balinese New Year will be celebrated next month and you probably have seen how busy are man of all ages in their Banjar trying to create the most monstrous, magnificent devilish looking figurine. Geckos are in it too. In the class we have a picture book called Ogoh-Ogoh that the children love to look at. We started from there. Then we asked the children to draw what kind of Ogoh-Ogoh they want to create for our class with theme “Friends of Nature”. The children came up with drawing of  Spider, Mermaids, Spiderman, etc. We asked the children to explain what their drawing was and why that figure was friend of the nature. Next step, we put all of those drawings on the floor and gave the children each a pencil and put the pencil into the drawing that they want to turn into Ogoh-ogoh. This system was hilarious as most children put their pencil on their own drawing. It gave us a wonderful opportunity to explicate of how to show support to others and be happy for them. It was a close call between Putu’s spiderman drawing and Ibu Annie’s monster fruit. The children chose the latter. Ibu Annie explained that this Lorax looking monster was inspired by a rambutan – a tropical fruit, the hairy ball of yumminess. His job was to look after the fruits to make sure they grow healthily.

Every Monday we have Cooking Class and Nature Walk. We do the cooking in the morning, have a snack break and then we do nature walk around the campus. To end the  nature walk, we choose a cozy, shady place to play  game and  do picnic to enjoy the product of our cooking. Last week we played shower the bottle- a water game and enjoyed vegetables satay on Green Camp’s field. This week we played message for the queen- a whispering game on the bridge and enjoyed our baked potatoes in the class room. 

Music class with Pak Brett has been quite different for the past weeks. He introduced the children to more songs and dance movements by showing them children’s music videos. Pak Bambang also introduced aerobics movements to the children in his PE class. They did lots of moves and dance this week! 

In Green Studies, children were encouraged by Pak Brett to do a close observation around the nature and use their five senses to appreciate it. So during this time we will see the children smell, touch, see, taste the plants and do something kind to them such as watering them and leave them as they are so others can enjoy their beauties too. This week we use the plants to feed our rabbit friends. 

Budaya Indonesia has two teachers come alternately each week. Last week the children listened to the story of Timun Mas or Golden Cucumber with Ibu Suci and this week they weren’t just listen to  the story of Bangau yang licik or The Cunning Heron but also made a heron’s craft. Speaking of craft, look at what the children made! 

In Yoga class with Ibu Ruslee, each week the children do variety of activities which involves yoga poses in it. She  lets the children lead a pose where others follow, play the music such as the sun salutation song, bear song while doing the yoga, play games, going through different obstacles, dancing all around or just simply copying the yoga cards picture. 

Friday Morning is getting more cheery as grade 5 students come and play with their youngest friends for around 30 minutes. The children quickly enchanted of how adorable the Geckos are. Their teacher, Pak Olly said that his students are so looking forward to coming to our class to play with them. Well, we are glad to report that the feelings are mutual! 

That’s the story for the past weeks, dear Parents and Friends. We are so looking forward to meeting your child on Monday!. We hope that you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

With Love,

Geckos team

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