Geckos ~ Week 6 Term 4

Dear Parents and Friends,

Greetings! We had another fun week here at school. This is the last week for us to explore the thematic lesson “Butterfly Garden”. We created fire fly and snail art project using many various kinds of materials. We also improves   our fine motor skills day to day and this week we did it through making paper collage to create fire fly. The children also learned making pattern using red and blue beads to decorate the snail shell.

During Green Studies, Pak Brett took us for a walk to see the plants and to make sure that the plants get enough water since it’s a very hot season. It is also a good reminding for us to make sure we drink enough water to keep ourselves healthy.

Looking around the campus, feeding the bunnies, and enjoying the view of our bamboo bridge at campus was such an adventurous trip for us during Nature Walk.

We explore more poses at Yoga Class with Ibu Russlee and we played Yoga Freeze Dance.

Pak Brett played his guitar while we were singing. Freeze dance was also really fun during Music Class.

During Bahasa Indonesia Class, the children worked hard practising for the show in Early Years Indonesian Assembly. It will happen on the 23rd of May, 2018. Please save the date! More detailed information will be sent close to the event.

Ibu Par showed us a movie during Budaya Indonesia Class about a Balinese story of a place in Bali, called Pecatu.

The children exposed movements to enhance their gross motor skills during P.E Class. Pak Putu provided many stations where the children were able to get the experience in different activities.

Next week, we will start our new thematic lesson “Sing a Song of Opposite”. We will be exploring opposite through experiments, songs, movements, stories, as well as art and crafts.


Monday, May 14, the whole Early Years will celebrate Dark Moon Ceremony at our school temple. This is the first time we celebrate the Dark Moon, called Tilem in Balinese. It has the similar meaning to the other celebration, the Full Moon Ceremony, which is called Purnama in Balinese. The Hindu in Bali celebrate both of there holy days as the good days of worshiping  The Goddess of the Sun (Dewa Surya) during Dark Moon and The Goddess of the Moon (Dewa Chandra) during Full Moon.

Please pack a ceremony clothes for your child on that day. The ceremony will start at 9.30 AM at the school temple preceded by making offering (Kwangen) in the class in the morning.

Have a restful weekend. See you on Monday.


Best wishes,

Ibu Kadek, Ibu Par, Ibu Pitri


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