Geckos ~ Week 7 of Term 4

Dear Parents and Friends,

Such an incredible week! We had our second Early Years Indonesian Assembly. We could not say how proud we are to see our children’s performance, so confident, so adorable. They worked hard in preparing for the performance, the decorations, and the costumes.

Here are some snapshots from the performance:

This week, during our Nature Walk, we went to collect some leaves and it ended up at Green Camp site. as we always do, we said hello to our Mr. Spider friend who lives next to Mud Pit. We also met Grade 1 who was in the camp. We were so lucky, Ibu Amanda offered us to try the chocolate that they made we got to try to taste it . Thanks Grade 1!

We found itchy caterpillars and a snail.

We celebrated Putu’s birthday this week. Happy Birthday Putu…

Some pictures from P.E Class with Pak Bambang and morning play date with Grade 5.

It is not long until the summer break. Only three more weeks. We are sad and happy at the same time. Sad, because we will miss all this time playing and learning together. Happy, because they will have their next journey which waiting ahead.

Looking forward to have more amazing and fun weeks ahead.


Much love,

Ibu Kadek, Ibu Pipit, Ibu Dewi


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