Geckos ~ Week 8 of Term 3

Dear Parents and Friends,

This is our second week for our thematic unit “Ocean”. We explored more about animals that live in the ocean. This thematic unit also integrated through songs, stories, movements, art projects, and games.

This week, the children created “octopus”, the eight legged sea creature using paper plate. They made its legs by weaving straw through strings.

During Cooking Class on Monday, we made “Bubur Candil”, a traditional Indonesian dessert, made from rice flour, sticky rice flour, sago flour, palm sugar, coconut milk, daun suji juice, and pandan leaves. The children rolled the dough into small balls and then we cooked them. It was sweet and yummy. Then we continued our day by walking around campus passed the bunny house, down the hill, passed the bridge and the fish ponds, then up to the field at Green Camp to play a game.

In Yoga Class with Ibu Russlee, the children got to choose an animal toy from Ibu Russlee’s bag then created a pose based on that animal, meanwhile the other children and teachers followed the pose. We also worked on our Mindfulness Journal as part of our Mindfulness Program.

We planted tomato seeds during Green Studies Class with Pak Brett. Then we visited the duckling.

We were invited by Kindy Class to attend their “Water Exhibition” today. So glad that we could learn a lot of things about water.

Waterfall experiment

Dry Tissue Experiment

Water can also change reflexion

Water in Containers

Water Tunnel

A huge thanks to Grade 5 for coming in and playing with us every Friday morning. We are always excited.

Ogoh-ogoh updates: We had Pak Kadek coming to help us building the Ogoh-ogoh structure on Thursday. Then we started covering it with used newspaper and glue. Ibu Suci and Ibu Krisna showed us movies about Ogoh-ogoh during Budaya Indonesia Class.

Announcements for this coming weeks:

  1. Please remember to bring a PLAIN RED T-SHIRT for Ogoh-ogoh Festival. The Festival will be in March, 24th. We need to have everyone’s T-Shirt by next week so we can decorate them.

  2. We need more Rambutan Skin, please!

  3. Please fill in the schedule for our second PTC (Parent-Teacher Conference) that will be sent by e-mail later. The conference will be in March 17th. Please also fill in the permission form for your child for our Jalan-Jalan to Yellow Coco Creative Nest in March 16th, will also be sent by e-mail.

Terima kasih.

Have a lovely weekend and looking forward to see you and your child on Monday.

Much loves,

IbuKadek, Ibu Pipit, Ibu Dewi


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