Geckos ~ Week 8 Term 3

Dear Parents and Friends,

One of the highlights this week was the full moon ceremony along with the water cleansing ceremony. The ceremonies were held in two places. We had the water cleansing ceremony at the water spring near the bridge, then continued by full moon ceremony at the school temple. The children also prepared the offering by making Kwangen, the cone shaped banana flower decorated with coconut leaves and flowers.

Another exciting celebration we had today was Holi, from our mystery guest, Ibu Preeti. She told us a story behind the Holi celebration, danced with us, and throwed colourful flower petal (instead of colourful dye) to each other in Early Years. We also learned something, that Holi is the celebration of forgiveness, friendship as well as building  new relationship. HOLI HAI!

During the thematic lesson, the children created octopus paper craft.

This is our lobster craft made with foot and hand prints.

During P.E Class today, we played a game “what time is it Mr. Wolf?” with Pak Putu.

We visited Begawan during our Wednesday Nature Walk.

At Cooking Class, we made Kue Cantik Manis using mung bean starch, mixed with palm sugar, coconut milk, and sago pearl. The children loved eating it.

During Yoga Class, we played “duck duck goose yoga” game.

We danced Hollywood kids dance during Music Class with Pak Brett. Everybody enjoyed it very much. Well done!

Our Ogoh-ogoh project continued this week. We painted it white and next week we will paint it with other colour as well as put some more decorations.

Here are some other calendar updates for the next two weeks before we start the vacation:

  1. Friday, March 9th is the Student Led Conferences. Please sign up by emailing us your time preference for your conference as has been sent out on the email. More details also has been sent out in an email by our Deputy of Early Years Learning Neighbourhood, Ibu Russlee.

  2. Thursday, March 15th is the Ogoh-ogoh parade at Green School. It is also the last day of school in Term 3. We will have an Ogoh-Ogoh parade in the morning and it is scheduled to begin at 9:00 am.

  3. School will be closed the following day, on Friday March 16th, as this is the Ogoh-Ogoh celebration for Bali. Saturday, March 17, is Nyepi, the day of silence in Bali and also the Balinese New Year. If you’re staying in Bali for Nyepi, please make sure you have enough food and drinks for Nyepi as all restaurants and stores are closed and you need to stay at home. If it’s your first Nyepi, feel free to ask us questions.

  4. School will be resumed on Wednesday, April 4th for Term 4.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Best wishes,

Ibu Kadek, Ibu Par, Ibu Pitri

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