Geckos ~ Week 8 Term 4

Dear Parents and Friends,

What a wonderful week we had this week. The children rocked the stage at the Early Years Indonesian Assembly. After a hard work preparing and practising, the Geckos finally performed a play entitled “Kupu-kupu yang Lucu” (The Cute Butterfly) on the stage. They were super awesome and we are so proud of them! All of the Early Years students were doing a great job! Astounding!

They decorated their butterfly wings for the show and it was super cute!

The fun continued with our experiment to find out which objects sink and which objects float. The children found out that “the objects sink because they are heavier and float because they are lighter”.

Mystery guest visited us in Starling classroom. She is a friend of Pak Brett and her name is Ibu Luisa. She showed us magic ball trick and everyone had a chance to touch the magic ball.

Stretching as well as bending during Yoga Class to train our body to be more flexible was another great and joyful exercise of the week.

We practised our drumming skills during Music Class with Pak Brett.

We reorganized our bamboo garden by the Pre-K Playground. The old plants were taken away and we planted new seedlings and water them as well.

We also felt gloomy this week because one of our friend left this week. Our wonderful friend, Nicholas, well known as Nicky had his last week at Green School. We miss you Nicky, and we hope you have a great adventure in Brazil with your family. Farewell for now and we hope to see you coming and visiting us next time! We are so grateful for having you in our Geckos Family.

Next week, school opened on Monday and Thursday only. Tuesday and Wednesday school closed for Galungan Holiday, and Friday is the National Holiday to honor Pancasila Day. There will be no assembly next week. School returns to normal school days for the following week.

Come and join the final E.Y Potluck Breakfast on Monday, June 4. There will be an early end of year party for the whole E.Y community. More details will be sent through an email by our Class Ambassador.

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!

Best wishes,

Ibu Kadek, Ibu Par, Ibu Pitri


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