Geckos ~ Week 9 of Term 3

Dear Parents and Friends,

Books has always been the biggest part of Geckos daily activities. When it’s called for, we read it in the morning and also on play time. During play time, we limit book reading to one story only, this is to encourage them to play outside with their friends to develop more of their social and emotional skills. We save the best for last so to speak as we do our activities related to books at the end of the day. After lunch and play time, we freshen up the children and prepare some books for them, books that we and the children have chosen from the library every Friday. The first 10 minutes we ask them to pick any book to look at individually then we watch and encourage them to share the book with friends. The interaction between them is always endearing to watch. Next, they give the teacher books that they want us to read for the class, they learn to negotiate with each other to decide which book to read. The teacher usually reads two books one is chosen by the children and the other by the teacher. After that, quiet time. By then most of the children are already falling asleep. If some of them haven’t, the teachers will tend them individually. 

This week we are continuing to work on our Ogoh-Ogoh Rambutan Monster, we are at the stage where the base was ready and the children were covering some more with newspaper and paint it. They were having so much fun with the paper and glue. Some of the children  wash their hands each time they finished sticking up the paper, they were making many return trips to the sink!

We made green tea cookies, followed by nature walk around the campus, picked a cozy place by the green camp fire place to play our hot potato game and picked up fallen passion fruits from the ground and saved a beetle. We chose the peace garden in front of Shanty house to enjoy our cookies. Oh yum! They felt like a real grown up sitting on the little chair made out of recycled tyres!

The children got to show Pak Brett the seeds they’ve been collecting from their fruit snack. They have so far collected apples, salak, orange, and rambutan seeds. We tried to keep the cucumber seeds but the ants stole it away. We also have red and white garlic bulb courtesy of Green School kitchen. Pak Brett took the children to get some soil to plant the seeds. The children were feeling optimistic and looking forward to see those seeds grow into a tree.

We are creating the ocean! It’s been really fun to paint the canvas with all blue, next lesson was putting on sand to create the beach, and some fabrics for the seaweeds, next we made the turtle, we made the fish and then we made the seagulls. It’s a full on 3 dimensional painting!

The children did yoga with Ibu Ruslee with poses based on the character of the book by Eric Carle “Does a kangaroo have a mother, too?” The children also do a partner yoga with their friends when Ibu Ruslee and Ibu Kadek showed them Gecko on the rock pose. They were taking turns to be the rock and the gecko. They had a blast!

We also did PE class with Pak Bambang and Budaya Indonesia with Ibu Suci and went to the library to replace our books. Grade 5 came to play with the children again on Friday Morning. What a fun way to start the day!

That’s our story this week, Dear Parents and Friends. Before we say goodbye, we’d like to gently remind you again the following events and the action that needs to be done

  1. Jalan-Jalan to Yellow Coco on March 16th. Please bring in the permission form

  2. PTC (Parent-Teacher Conference) on March 17th.  Please fill in and return the form to let us know your preference time

  3. Ogoh-Ogoh parade on March 24th. Please bring a red shirt for the children to decorate and bring in more Rambutan Skin for our hungry monster.

With Love,

Geckos Team

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