Geckos ~ Week5 of Term 3

Dear Parents and Friends,

Talking about “Vegetables” is not so much fun without getting ourselves in it. This is our sub thematic lesson for this week and next week. We explored this unit through songs, art project, cooking class, and stories.

We started off this week with a Cooking Class. We made Corn Casserole with cheese. The children cut broccoli and red bell paper.  Then we added bacon, eggs, and corn, mixed them together and put them in the oven. Of course we also sprinkle mozzarella cheese on top.

During our Nature Walk, we visited the tadpoles in the mud pit and the bunny rabbits. We fed the rabbits, too…

We created corn art project using recycled paper and colored rice. On the other day we made a carrot toy using velvety fabric with sand inside it. Then we painted it. It took a long time to dry it because Mister Sun still loves to chill out in His house. 🙂

Preparing for Love’s Day aka Valentine’s Day, the children prepare a love heart craft for their loved ones.

These are some more pictures of the week:

Yoga Class with ibu Russlee 

We were performing a song and dance in front of KKC students.

Vegetable Hunt with Pak Brett

Another shot from Vegetables Hunt

P.E Class with Pak Bambang:

Friday’s play date with our lovely friends from Grade 5:

Next week, there will be four school days. On Friday, February 17th will be PD (Professional Development) Day for teachers.

See you on Monday.

Have an amazing weekend.

Much love,

ibu Kadek, ibu Pipit, ibu Dewi


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