Geckos ~ Welcome back Term 3

Dear Parents and Friends

HAPPY NEW YEAR and welcome back!! We are so pleased to see all the familiar faces coming back and new faces joining our Geckos Family. The students came to class on the first day with excitement. They were keen to join the class for Semester 2 and were able to adjust quickly. The new thematic unit which we started to explore this week is entitled “Plants around Our School”. The sub unit of this week and next week is focusing on “Trees”.

We started having our week by Cooking Class. The children cut and scooped fruits to make Rainbow Smoothies. Yummy…

Then we visited Begawan Foundation during Nature Walk, then continued by walking up to the Gym and played in the Jungle Gym.

Teachers and students shared stories about what happened during the holidays and created a drawing from the story.

This month is the last month for Ibu Chloe joining the class. She is still coming every Tuesday and Wednesday and we have a special Art and Craft Class with her every Wednesday. Ibu Chloe also joins Starling and Kindy Class for Art and Craft Class every Tuesday. This week, she created a project for the all three classes in Early Years, decorating a dragon. The Geckos children helped to make some scales by gluing mixed materials collages on a paper plate. Now the dragon becomes beautiful 🙂

We were participating in Full Moon Ceremony on Thursday at the School Temple, next to the Heart of School. They looked so beautiful in their Balinese ceremony clothes.

During Green Studies, Pak Brett took us to Kindy’s garden to plant some more seeds. The children made holes using shovel, planted the seeds, and watered it.

Today, we created a tree collage using natural material that we found around our playground, those are: sticks and leaves. The children went to find sticks and leaves, cut the leaves and broke the sticks, then glued them on the paper.

Next Saturday, on the 24th of January, Green School will celebrate Saraswati Day. It is the day to honor Dewi Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge who blesses human being with knowledge for their prosperity, peace, and  human civilization improvement. All parents are invited. If you would like to be part of this ceremony, can RSVP to Ibu Novi at by Wednesday, January 18th. ( include the numbers of participants). Please arrive at school by 9.00 am, as the praying will start at 9:30 am on that day.

What to wear:

This occasion  requires ceremonial outfits:

* women/girls: sarong, kebaya, and sash. Any colors are fine, but white and or yellow are traditional if you have them.

* men/boys: sarong, udeng (traditional and ceremonial hat in Bali. This should be white), with a white shirt.

We also would love to invite parents to be a Mystery Guest in our class. You are welcome to do activities, such as reading books, telling stories, singing songs, cooking class, doing arts and crafts, etc. Please let us know a convenient time for you, and we will see if it matches with our classroom schedule. Thank you for your support and attention. We look forward to another amazing semester together.

Have a lovely weekend. We will see you on Monday.

Much love,

Ibu Kadek, Ibu Pipit, Ibu Dewi


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