Get Ready for VDay – February 14th

V-Day is back, and stronger than ever. This year, the Green School community is continuing with the V-Day movement and working on ending all violence and assault against women around the globe. V-Day will be an all-day event held at Green School on Valentine’s Day (February 14), there will be workshops, demonstrations, speeches, dances and more. V-Day 2018 is about breaking the silence and using our voices, so let’s hear yours! There are plenty of ways that everyone can be involved, women AND men!

Throughout the day, workshops for high school students will be held on campus that each explores issues related to V-Day’s mission to end violence. Various workshops will be offered such as a self-defense class, empowering women in business session, conversations about menstruation and birth, communication of consent, a safe circle and more. There will also be a joint V-Day dance performance by everyone. A farmers market will be held after school from 3:00pm – 5:00pm.

A night performance called “V is for Voices” will take place at 6:00pm in the Sangkep. The show will have performances such as poetry, music, dances and various showcases. Tickets for “V is for Voices” will be on sale at the welcome desk and at the farmers’ markets. Pricing is IDR 50,000 for students and IDR 100,000 for everyone else. As the content is of a mature nature, children under 12 are not permitted to attend and children aged 12-14 need parental consent.

Each year V-Day collaborates with an organization that is bettering the greater good. This year, Bali Street Mums is that organization! To raise money for the charity there will also be a silent auction at the farmers market on V-Day. The V-Day team is looking for donations to auction off, if anyone has items or ideas, email the team!

V-Day will be an amazing day or awareness, strength, and unity. Be a part of the movement!

-The V-Day Team

If you have any inquiries, comments or questions email this address

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