Getting into the river before it flooded

Well, it was great to kick off the new year.

In Mentor group, we learned a little about our fellow students, and set expectations for programs like DEAR and the mindfulness. I encourage students to throw together options for this part of our Mentor group!

As an activity, I took the students down the river to witness the beauty of Bali, along with a bit of a sobering message. While the Ayung is the biggest and most sacred of Bali’s rivers, that did not stop the students from nearly running into a diaper which hung from a piece of bamboo over the river. It was a great reminder that while the river is a critical piece of our lives, it does not mean that we treat it with the respect it deserves. The kids got washed off in our own plunge pool, and tested out the climbing wall over the pool as well. We have many strong climbers arriving in MS these days!

Great times were had by all!


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