Getting to Know You!

We continue to spend precious time getting to know each other this week. Whether it’s about our hobbies, our dislikes, the way we learn or about our families, we’ve learnt lots!

We hope you had an enjoyable Indonesian Independence Day, however you celebrated on Thursday!


To begin with, a few announcements:

-Please remember that Monday and Thursday are sports days so wear shorts, a tshirt and sports shoes. Many students still do not have hats. Can we please remind you that students need hats at sports time, especially when they’re out on the field and at break time if they wish to play out of the shade.

-The bugs are out to get us! Please make sure you put insect repellent on your child in the morning and they can bring some to school in their bag if they feel they are getting bitten a lot.

-Our Monday community time is ‘Weekend News’. During this time we share about what we did at the weekend and it gives us an opportunity to practice our listening skills as we respect our friends’ space to talk. If your child wants to bring in something to show which represents what they did at the weekend, we welcome that.

-Thank you for communicating with us via email and during drop off/pick up time. It is great to get to know you parents, as well as your children!


We spent time this week exploring our new community, Grade 2A. We made promises to help each other feel welcome and special in our community. We thought about how we feel in our different communities (family, friends and class 2A), and used leaves and stones we collected to represent those feelings in a discussion together. We considered what our new roles are and how we should work together to achieve our class goals. We will continue to explore these ideas next week as well as having some whole class projects to complete where will we learn more about how to work in harmony together, respecting and celebrating each other’s similarities and differences.

In reading, we have been learning about how to choose books that are our level using the Ipick poster. We thought about all the different types of books there are and enjoyed reading to our selves, to others and listening to reading. We also reminded ourselves about the different strategies we can use to help us read tricky words. Next work we will begin to work in rotating stations.

We have loved our math times together this week. We worked in math stations, using games, technology and written work to practice number skills. This month we aim to review lots of different counting strategies to help build up our number sense muscles. On Friday we reminded ourselves about number bonds to 10. Please take some time to practice these if your child needs some extra practice.

On Wednesday, we had a great time celebrating Indonesian Independence Day. Our Indonesian teachers did a wonderful job organizing senam pagi (morning exercise) and a whole plethora of fun Indonesian games. Ibu Neni has been helping us to learn phrases about ourselves and questions to ask. Ask us about some animal names and how we introduce ourselves.

On Friday we welcomed Emma back to Green School and into our Grade 2A community. Welcome back to Emma and her family. We worked together to make some colourful banners to decorate our classroom and we will donate one our neighbours in Grade 2B!

We’re pretty exhausted after a busy week! We hope you all have a fun and relaxing weekend and are ready to roll on Monday for our first 5 day week. We look forward to seeing you new families, looking Bali beautiful at the Sariswati ceremony tomorrow and welcome any returning families too.

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