Go Middle School!!!

Hi MS Community

Here are a few of the cool things that happened in the MS this week.

In the MS Photography and Film Art elective, students did a Field Trip to Tegal Tradisional Market.

In Bahasa Indonesia classes students have been doing interviews about Indonesia National Days and celebrations. Students participated in game-based learning (using the old favourite Snakes and Ladders) when learning about ‘dates and time’.

A Maths class spent time learning about fraction through Marimba Music performance. Students have also completed projects and displayed them in class.

Grade 6 and 7 students began an exciting new Game Thematic unit called ‘Guns, Germs and Steel’. Students have begun (as a clan) in their own small corner of Pak Driver’s world map – by completing set tasks aimed at increasing understanding of world history, students grow communities, modelling human history, and could end the unit controlling an empire!

The Green Skate Movement students have been involved in community service by teaching English at SDN 4 Sayan,Ubud – students also get time for some skating at Blue Bear Skate Park, Sayan, Ubud.

We hope you had a great week – we definitely did in the MS.

from the MS Team

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