Going Green With Bio Diesel

Beep beep from Our Bio Buses!

We believe that Bio Bus is an accomplishment. But to further make the most of it and expand our impact, we highly encourage Green School Community to take part of this by utilising our bio diesel pump station.

We know by converting your mode of transportation from general car to biodiesel car is a big decision to make, but we believe that your effort will pays off.

Other news from Bio Bus:

·        This week, Green School students have been doing Jalan-Jalan Program in Ubud. Many of them are new students and doing this outreach activity while promoting sustainable use of used cooking oil at the same time is a good hands-on learning experience for the students. The students managed to get around 90 litters of used cooking oil, which Pak Kyle was very proud of it.

·        Bio Bus Team start developing Carbon Calculator to help realise the energy audit on Green School Community,

·        To provide new riders and expand our positive impact, we’re providing late bus for Canggu and Ubud at 4:40 pm.

·        Bio Bus will soon move to the I (Innovation)-Hub, as the team try to continuously innovate and make new product. Bioethanol based on waste material will be our next project to provide vehicles with more eco-friendly fuel.


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