Got Project Update

1.Project Bank Database

Project task force has developed a database to track Green School projects, please submit the information through our Project Bank Form!!!

2. Project Hub & Creative Bale are soon to be opened for you.

We also love to announce that our YURT, a beautiful building near music room is turned into Green School’s Project Hub offering a Creative Bale space for design thinking sessions.

Please come and join the club!

  1. String Interactive Data at Creative Bale

At the creative bale, there is a string interactive data. Please come and put your data on that, that would be so fun!

  1. We are looking for more water projects

Water projects will be our main focus this year. If you have any ideas related to water projects or you have the projects already, please let us know and we will love to support your projects.

That’s all from Project Task Force, we are hoping to see you at the Project Hub and Join our club!

Cheers ^_^

Project Task Force Team


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