Grade 1 Home Reading Library and Tips for Reading at Home

Dear Grade 1 families,

We have completed a Letters and Sounds Assessment and are in the process of completing PM Benchmark reading assessments in order to learn more about your child’s literacy abilities. This information will simply be used for our records in order to ensure students are reading appropriately leveled books and receiving pertinent instruction. Students have begin using our Junior Primary ‘Home Reading Library’. It is located between the Grade 1 Putih classroom and the Primary Leadership Team space. This ‘Home Reading Library’ was created so that students could borrow a new book on their reading level everyday to be brought home and read to their parents and/or family members. The intention is that students are to read their book to you on their own and then put it in their bag in order to help with a safe return to school the next day so that they may borrow a new book. Students will still have the chance to visit the school Library on a weekly basis and borrow books of interest with their class. Teachers will be keeping track of who borrowed what book on which date. The return policy for the ‘Home Reading Library’ will work the same as the school Library in that they will have to return the previously borrowed book before they can borrow a new book. Misplaced or lost books must be reported to your child’s classroom teacher as soon as possible and they will help connect you with the school Librarian in order for you to cover the cost of lost or misplaced books. We encourage that you let us know immediately if a book has been misplaced or lost in order for you to quickly pay for the book so that your child can continue to practice their literacy skills on a nightly basis. Below is a list of Tips for the ‘Home Reading Program’ so that you can have a better understanding of your role as parents in this program. If you have any questions or you would like further explanation, please come and see me or send me an email to set up a chat time.

Thank you for your cooperation and support in helping to foster our young and budding readers!

The Grade 1 Team

Tips for the ‘Home Reading Program’

Before Reading:

– Find a quiet and comfortable spot – Sit beside your child – Look at the front cover together and predict and discuss what is to come – Ask “What do you know about………………?” (refer to the picture on the cover)

While Reading:

– At each page let your child have a good look at the pictures. – You may tell them the names of the characters in the story, if they do not know them. – Ask them to sound out unknown words and blend the sounds together – Ask them to keep reading if they do not know a word and then try to guess the word they did not know from the meaning of the sentence. (‘Book Detective’) – If they still do not know, tell them the word and meaning in order to keep the story flowing.

After Reading:

– At the end of the story or chapter ask your child to ‘re-tell’ the story using their own words and without the use of the book. If their re-tell is too short, ask them some questions or tell them to look at the pictures to help. – Once they have retold their version of the story, ask them some literal questions (answers that they read about in the text) and some inferential questions (answers that may not have been clear in the story so students must use their logic and reasoning ) to practice higher order thinking skills.

*Note: Please let your child’s teacher know if the book is too hard for them. There should not be a lot of instruction happening from parents in this activity. The books should be on the child’s level and should be fairly easy for them to read.

Most importantly- HAVE FUN and enjoy reading together!


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