Grade 1 News-August 31

Hello First Grade Families,

This week, one of our big highlights was the start of our Movement program (brought to us by the fabulous Ibu Amanda). We have ten stations that all the learners go through with an emphasis on building core strength. Our first session was great fun and so well organized as the first graders quickly picked up on the system and dove right in.  We will continue with this every Wednesday morning.

Movement Class in the Sangkep!

In Bahasa this week, Ibu Yulia and Ibu Pera reviewed numbers and colors, learned about Balinese names, and talked about body parts. We visited the library and computer lab again, as well as beginning our handwriting books.

For Birthdays, if you want to bring a treat to help us celebrate your child, please bring one for EVERY child in grade one. That means 40! No nuts, please. We will sing happy birthday and share a treat in the Heart of School to celebrate. Please let us know in advance. We will be celebrating our first birthday of the school year on Monday with Brooke.

Lunch-Some children are struggling to find things they like enough to eat a full meal at lunch time. We strongly encourage each child to pick three things. If you know your child isn’t liking lunches, please let the Powers that Be know and, in the meantime, pack extra food so we can be sure that your child is full and comfortable for the afternoon. Thank you for understanding.

For Monday, we will be working more in two separate classes, so your child will remain in the room they put their backpack in for the morning. Please know that our regular library day will now be Thursday, so please have library books returned by every WEDNESDAY.  Movement and PW will require athletic kids every Wednesday and Thursday.

Primary Learning Neighborhood meeting with the Primary Leadership team will take place on September 7th. We hope you can be there.

Important message from Pak Garrett:

1) Primary and MS students MUST bring closed-toed/sports shoes, hats, and water bottles to ALL Physical Wellbeing classes.

*Cleats/boots of any type may not be used for PW classes, only for BSSA.  Students without proper footwear and hat for outdoor activity will not be permitted to participate in PW.  

2) No food or drink items are permitted on the field or in the gym.  Students not following this rule must be sent back to the warung area.

Be well, everyone.

With gratitude from the Grade One Team.

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