Grade 1: Ogoh Ogoh and the last week of term 3!

Good morning Grade 1 families,

Welcome to the final week of the 3rd term. We were so happy to hear that you enjoyed the Student led Conferences. Students took ownership of their learning and happily showed you around their learning environments. It was a proud day for students, parents and teachers alike.

This Thursday, March 15th we will have the Green School Ogoh Ogoh parade. The details are as follows:

– All Grade 1 students come to their classroom at normal arrival time. Grade 1A students have their t-shirts in class already, Grade 1B students are asked to come to school wearing a white t-shirt. We have sarongs and headbands ready for all students. – There will be an Assembly in the Gym beginning at 9am. Parents are welcomed to meet us there to watch but are asked to be spectators from the back. This is a school day and students are expected to stay with their classes for the whole day. – The parade will begin at 9:30am and Grade 1 classes are expected to carry their Ogoh Ogoh down to the 4 way intersection and back. We will need a lot of parent hands to help us do that so please come and help! After the parade has finished students will go back to class and continue with their day.

The Ogoh Ogoh parade is a big day so we will use that after lunch time to have a Grade 1 end of term PARTY! We ask that all students bring some snacks to share with class and bring movies they would like to watch as well.

We hope you have a restful and happy holiday! See you back at school on Wednesday, April 4th.

The Grade 1 Team

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