Grade 1 Reminders and Home Learning

We are in the middle of another busy, and exciting, week in Grade 1B.  The children are doing really well and are all becoming more used to and comfortable with being in Grade 1!  Here is a quick post with some reminders and information about our Home Learning Menu.

Grade 1B Reminders

The Green School Way: Home-Learning

Our homework, or perhaps better said, our home-learning, policy embraces our approach to engaging our students in lifelong learning.

Primary School students and families will be provided with a home-learning menu (link given below) of activities and experiences that are particularly focused on social-emotional and intellectual learning journeys and activities that can happen in the home. These should not and will not be graded but rather engage and develop the sense of learning opportunities being everywhere and all the time. The menu items provided will supplement the objectives and activities that we do at school, bringing all of us together as members of the child’s learning team.

The preponderance of research shows that homework, especially in the younger years, provide little to no positive impact on a child’s learning. Thus, we approach this topic with best practice and our own philosophy of learning in mind. The goal of recommended or assigned tasks is two fold: 1. to instill in children a sense of lifelong learning; that learning takes place every time and everywhere, 2. to help children learn how to manage larger projects by organizing them by time and size.

Homework Policy Statement:

Students are expected to give their best effort at all times to complete school tasks to a high quality. Students are taught how to and encouraged to advocate for assistance in this process of giving their personal best effort.

Homework Policy Details:

In Primary School, homework for assessment purposes is not assigned or required. Home-learning recommendations and opportunities are provided for each grade group via a home learning menu that is regularly updated based on best practice and the deepening understanding of the needs of students in particular grades.

Grade 1 Home Learning Menu

Have a great rest of the week!

The Grade 1B Team.

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