Grade 1: Welcome to Term 4!

Dear Families and Friends,

We hope you had a wonderful break and are back feeling refreshed and ready for our final term of Grade 1!  Wow!

We have had a lovely week to begin this term and it has been fantastic to see how ready the children are to continue their learning.  We have seen lots of big bright smiles this week and have been impressed at how excited everyone is to get back to work.

A couple of quick notices or reminders for this term are below, but other than that we will keep this first blog of the term nice and short.

  1. Please remember and get excited for Sustainable Solutions which is coming up quickly.  Keep looking out for updates and information about this exciting week.

  2. We have started our new thematic all about INSECTS!  We are super excited about this amazing topic – if you have anything at home that you think the children would be interested in, we would love to see it.

  3. We have a number of days where there is no school coming up this term.  We will keep you updated in the blog, but it would be great if you could keep checking the calendar also.

  4. It is beginning to get hotter and drier after rainy season so it is even more important than ever that the children always have a water bottle and hat with them.  Some children have even begun applying their own sunscreen at school which is also great to see.

To finish off this week, please enjoy these photos from this week, it has been great.

Lots of love,

The Grade 1 Team


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