Grade 1B Home Readers.

Good Afternoon Families,

This is just a quick note to say Home Reading Books are on their way home tonight.

The junior primary ‘Home Reading Library’ was created so that students could borrow a new book on their reading level everyday to be brought home and read to their parents and/or family members. Students will still have the chance to visit the school Library and borrow books of interest once a week with their class. The return policy for the ‘Home Reading Library’ will work the same as the school Library in that they will have to return the previously borrowed book before they can borrow a new book.  Having said that, to help practise their fluency and develop their understanding, we encourage children to read their book a number of times before changing it.

Misplaced or lost books must be reported to your child’s classroom teacher as soon as possible and they will help connect you with the school Librarian in order for you to cover the cost of lost or misplaced books. We encourage that you let us know immediately if a book has been misplaced or lost in order for you to quickly pay for the book so that your child can continue to practice their literacy skills on a nightly basis.

We have provided colourful folders for your child to use for their home readers. Please help them to be responsible to bring their book folder to school everyday. I have also included a Green School Diary in the reading folder and I would appreciate it if you could write a quick note in there when you hear your child read.  You should see an example of this in your child’s reading diary already if you are unsure.  If you prefer to write in your home language that is fine!  If you would like your child to keep their library book in this reading folder to ensure it is looked after, that would be great.

Also in the folder is a page of tips for reading at home with your child, I hope you find them useful.

Thank you very much for your cooperation in reading!

Pak Thabo


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