Grade 2 Camp Fun!

Hi Grade 2 community,

What a wonderful two days we had at Green Camp!

Some highlights included:

-mixing both classes together

-making and playing with clay

-traditional games

-climbing coconut trees

-making woven coconut leaf headbands

-making pizza

-laughing yoga

-eating traditional food and snacks

-playing games

-… and of course, mepantigan- mud wrestling!

I hope your child had a fantastic time. It was great to see them socialising and interacting together. Many kids challenged themselves to move out of their comfort zone, whether it was climbing higher up the tree, playing with a new friend or stepping into a wet and muddy pit when they were unsure of getting dirty.

Here’s a link to our photos. I hope you can enjoy some time with your child this weekend looking through the pictures and have them tell you all about the activities.

Grade 2 teachers

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