Grade 2 Happenings

Dear Second Grade Families,

We have had a great first week back and enjoyed catching up with the children about their holiday adventures which were full of excitement, new experiences as well as some much needed rest.

In Maths this week students learned that good mathematicians use lots of different tools to help them solve problems in their head. The main strategy that was introduced this week was called the “Jump Strategy” for addition and subtraction. We have embedded a video below to show you how to use this strategy. See if your child can show you how to use this strategy at home for both addition and subtraction. Next week we will be using the “Split Strategy”.

When working in Literacy, students spent time writing their highlights from the holiday break and also recommenced Literacy Centres (which included many skills such as: problems in story writing, listening, following instructions as well as guided reading)

In Bahassa and Budaya this week students learned about how to say and use Indonesian numbers. They also learned about the geography of Java.

Students also “Tuned Into” their new thematics unit “Gifts of the Earth” by showing their teachers everything they know about our amazing planet. It was wonderful to see all of the different ideas and concepts the children know and we are excited about building on this knowledge over the coming week.

The students also had their first weekly session up at the iHub (more on this next week) as well as movements sessions with Ibu Amanda and Ibu Hannah.

Have a safe and happy weekend.

Juli and the Two Team

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