Grade 2 News – August 24th

Putting our Heads Together for Indonesian Games!

Dear Parents, This week has been full of fun, friendships and getting to know each of our learners in our Grade 2 community. We have had so many great experiences from cooking class, to Green Studies and Science, community building, library and computer lab, arts rotations, mindfulness, yoga, movement, music, and more!

Fun with Friends

Indonesian Independence Day!

Next week is sure to be a fun one, starting with our trip to Green Camp on Monday. The children will walk over with all of their teachers in the morning for a fun and community building day at Green Camp. We will be back in time for regular dismissal in the Heart of School. While Green Camp is just next door, it is a bit  like another world, filled with  fun challenges, experiences and team building. Children will have lunch provided by the camp, as well as a snack. Feel free to send an additional snack if you think your child will want one. As normal, a water bottle and hat will be essential.

As Ibu Emma prepares to take her maternity leave starting next Friday, we shall be welcoming Ibu Pippa who shall start on Monday to have a good amount of transition time to get to know all the learners and to start planning with the rest of the Grade 2 team.

     Please remember that on Tuesday, children will need sports shoes for physical well being.

Below are a few more photos of some of the things that we have been up to.

We hope you have a great weekend and please remember if you wish to contact us, to write to the whole grade 2 team at

Thanks, Pak Jerry, Ibu Peni, Ibu Neni, Ibu Emma, Ibu Anya, and Ibu Nita

Collaboration Challenge!

The Egg Challenge!

Cooking with Ibu Peni

More fun on Indonesian Independence Day!

Movement with Ibu Neni


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