Grade 2 Updates

Dear Grade 2 Families,

What another amazing week! Grade 2 had a very busy week this week with lots of stuffs to do. Our second week was still a mixed class for both second graders and students got an opportunity to getting to know all their friends in grade 2. Starting next week, all students will have their final class – please keep an eye out for an email from Pak Thabo.

Thank you for those who have sent email to us regarding to the pick-up procedure, if you have not done so, please let us know and make sure to sign the check-out form when you pick your children in HOS.

Some highlights of this week, you can see from the pictures below.

In Thematic, Grade Two has made mindfulness jars from water, glitters and clear glue. This jar can be used in many purposeful ways such as for mindfulness moment after an intense activity, for calming yourself down when you are in anger and upset, for relaxing your mind, etc.

Students also created a mini game board using materials from KEMBALI. In a smaller team, they discussed, planned, designed and built their game board together. Then they shared their project to their friends at the end of the week.

Photo below: Students practiced their addition, subtraction and number bonds through games using cards and board games.

In Literacy, students listened to many stories read by their teachers and they learned how to identify problems, solutions, sequencing and retelling. They also have learned about fictions and non-fictions, and have lots of discussions happened during this story reading.

In Bahasa and Budaya class, students have learned some class instructions, the meaning of the Tridatu bracelet (blessing bracelet).

First swimming class was amazing. Students were so excited and enjoyed this first swimming class led by Ibu Amanda and Pak Edu. The place was just 5 minutes away from school by bus.

Notes for next week:

  1. PW on Monday, please make sure children bring their hat, water bottle, and sport shoes.

  2. Library on Thursday, remind your children to bring their library books.

  3.  No whole school assembly  on Friday 30th of August 2019

  4. Swimming on Friday, please make sure students pack a swimsuit, change of clothes, water bottle, sunscreen, a bag to put wet clothes, and goggles.

Thank you and hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family.

Warm wishes,

Ibu Yulie and Grade 2 Team

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