Grade 2b Week 14

Hello from Grade 2b!

This week found us with visitors from Spain who not only came to our primary assembly but also to grades 2a and 2b for a special puppet/circus/literacy/thematic lesson involving puppets, clowns, continents, animals and adjectives! Thank you to Ana and Sergio who are traveling the world with their puppet/circus/teaching group, Narajarte!

During Community time, we continued to discuss the Zones of Regulation and how being aware of our zones (green- calm   blue  – tired    yellow – excited     red   – angry) can help us to learn more effectively and better nurture our friendships. The children have done a great job with this.

The rains have really started coming down. Please remember to send a rain coat or umbrella with your child.

The children continue to be excited about our Subtraction with regrouping chant and are dong well with this difficult Math concept. Our home spelling and reading groups are also going well and the children are working on adding adjectives to their writing.

As always, we have had a great week of specialists too. Thanks to all of our specialist teachers! In Indonesian Cultures and Bahasa Indonesian this week, the children have studied and made Javanese rhinos, and studied more practice in speaking Bahasa Indonesian.

Sharing our maps of Our Mother Earth

Many students have requested that I send some of the links to videos about continents and pangea! How great to have such avid and thirsty to learn students! Here are some…

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