Grade 3

Dear parents,

We had a special visit from Ms. Sylvia Earle. All the students were really interested to hear what this wonderful aquanaut had to say.

She amazed us with her stories of the great blue. Ms. Earle  gave us a special task. As we know she was a pioneer in ocean explorer breaking the boundaries of gender in sea exploration and she had spend many days and nights living under water. The most time she spent consecutively under water was two weeks. Her challenge for us was, can we think of a way how we could live underwater, if our life depended on it.

We started this project with enthusiasm and first we started sketching our under water dwellings.

Through experiments we tested is is possible to create an underwater city.

We also had a special visit from Pak Dave, who came with seven graders to talk about his most favorite sea creatures and what can we do for the oceans.

We started investigating the sea and it’s characteristics by acquiring information about the ocean.

We found out about the different zones of the ocean and created the ocean zones in a bottle. The ocean is deeper than we thought and saw that the ocean is also a dark ans a cold place.

We have been focusing on the top layer of the ocean, the sunlight zone where most sea creatures live. Realizing the importance of plankton and coral for all living thing through games and activities.

Our ocean theme will carry us through different activities such as cooking, making marine ecosystems and creating ocean art. We have have been diving with our ocean theme in literacy by doing descriptive writing and poems about the ocean, as well as combining ocean creatures to our numeracy.

There’s so much to explore to underwater world beneath us and we will continue our journey to create a sustainable way to live underwater.

Parents, what do you think, can we live underwater? Thinking that if our life depended on it, would we appreciate the coral reefs more if it was our backyard? What are the gifts that the ocean gives to you?

Bon voyage,

Grade 3 team


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