Grade 3: Week of September 2nd-6th

We have been focusing on Sense of Place in Grade 3, part of this unit involves sharing knowledge of places in a variety of ways. In our Thematics class, students have been exploring our campus in an effort to accurately map it. We transitioned to Chromebooks to help us explore digital representations of our world. This week we used Google Earth view satellite photos, maps, topography and even images of buildings. Google Earth’s satellite live view feeds allow us to see what the Earth looks like in any part of the world. 

During our chromebook time, students were challenged to locate and explore; Mt. Agung, somewhere they have lived, somewhere they have travelled, and somewhere they want to travel.

Ask your child to take you on a digital adventure to demonstrate their understanding of Google Earth, including: 

  1. Using the website search tool to locate.

  2. Change & reset views (2D, 3D, Rotate, etc.).

  3. Zooming in & out with keypad shortcuts. 

  4. Navigating street view.

To increase our sense of being a part of a community, Grade 3 spent some time connecting with Kembali. The children learnt about some of the incredible ways Kembali are impacting our community, and how they can too be a part of this. Students collected garbage around campus, returning to sort and discover the degradable or non-degradable properties of everything from banana peels to plastic bottle caps. We were then able to add certain plastics to the grinder so to prepare them to be made into something new. This introductory visit was intended to spark interest and curiosity towards the possibilities that the iHub offers.

In Indonesia Culture, we compared Balinese birthdays with the children’s birthdays, in terms of the reasons why we celebrate, including the traditions behind it. Balinese celebrate their birthday every six months (210 days based on Balinese Calendar) to show gratitude to the ancestors. They have special offerings and candles that are made out of bamboo sticks, cotton and coconut oil. Grade 3 excitedly wrote their family biography with simple sentence structure and we will compile their ideas to create a book later on.

Important Days & Items to Remember:

Monday = Physical Wellness 

  1. In order to participate, please ensure that your child has a hat, closed-toed shoes, sunscreen, a water bottle.

Wednesday = Library

  1. Please ensure that your child bring their books so they can borrow new ones.

Thursday = Green Studies

  1. Please ensure that your child has a hat, water bottle, bug spray.

Friday = Swimming

  1. Please ensure that your child comes to school in a swimsuit and also brings a towel, a bag for wet items, sunscreen, a water bottle and underwear!

Pak Michael, Ibu Emily, Ibu Neni, Ibu Tri, Ibu Desy, Ibu Payas

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