Grade 3A Updates

Dear 3A Families,

What a busy week we have had with children this week! In Thematic, they have been practicing how to use money and learned about values. They acted out as a vendor and buyer and played buying and selling. Then they made a play to show the two different types of value after learning about values.

Today, they visited a post office to send their persuasive letter that they been working on this past week in Literacy. They have practiced their money skill when they bought stamps and also spoke in Bahasa Indonesia to communicate to the post officers. This trip was designed as the integration of Math, Literacy and Bahasa skills.

We also want to say Good Good Bye to two of our lovely students that are leaving per today for holiday and for a new journey. We are going to miss you.

Next week updates:

  1. No School on Tuesday-Wednesday, May 29-30. It is the Balinese holiday to celebrate Galungan.

  2. No School on Friday, June 1. Pancasila Day

Thank you and have a nice weekend

Best regards,

Grade 3A Team


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