Grade 4, Beginning of Term 2

Dear parents,

After a wonderful and rejuvenating October break, we were so happy to come back to Green School with your kids. We’ve started our new learning cycle by sharing tales of our awesome holidays! We have had so many smiles remembering our adventures with passion and so much happiness.

As you may have noticed, this week we began a second learning cycle at school including introducing a new thematic: “Gifts from the Earth”. We’ve introduced this theme with deep conversations and through making a wonder web where we have begun hanging the first student ideas and questions. We can’t wait to explore this theme more deeply in the next weeks.

On Wednesday, we met for the last time our friends from a local school to finish the kites we have been working on. The next step it’s to let them fly in the sky! As well as kites, we spent time with our friends sharing our knowledge in Bahasa Indonesia and giving the opportunity to local students to learn more words in English. It was fantastic and so inspiring to see the sharing of their passion and experience about making “layang-layang”, and so helpful to have them in our classroom.

In literacy, we have moved on to writing fantastic and imaginary stories of flying creatures, in collaboration with Ibu Gena, our primary art teacher. The students had so many amazing ideas and brought their magical heroes to life in extraordinary worlds.

In Numeracy, we have begun working in a different way this week which has been great. During these sessions we are working with groups of children mixed from both classes and are using the expertise of our whole numeracy team to support and expand the children’s learning. This week our focus has been on addition, and the students worked really hard especially to solve word addition problems.

Next week is a very exciting week at school and we have a couple of very special guests visiting. Firstly, on Monday, we are looking forward to a visit from a fantastic artist named Courtney Mattison who has recently been working in Bali. Courtney will be doing some work with our whole school community and we are looking forward to hearing from her.

Also, our Halloween celebration will be taking place next Wednesday, 31st October. On this day, we are lucky to have a very special guest visiting school. Sylvia Earle is a marine biologist, explorer, author and lecturer. With a wealth of wisdom and achievement at the age of 83, Sylvia will come and engage with students from all across the school. To mark the day, and link to Halloween, we would like to invite students to take part in a dressing up day. It would be great to see as many children as possible coming in home made, sustainably sourced costumes, if possible reflecting our Ocean theme for the day.

Finally please, find a copy our new schedule for this term attached.

We wish you a very good week-end.

All the best

The Grade 4 Team

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