Grade 4 Blog Term 1 Week 7 27th Sept 2019

Hi Grade 4 Parents!

The Grade 4s have had another incredibly diverse week of learning and experiences. We are just constantly blown away by the sheer number and assortment of the activities GS students are involved in. We feel very lucky to be part of it!.

Our week started with swimming. The kids are showing so much growth with their skills and personal management of their belongings and transitions. 

Later,  we were honoured to meet Ric O’Barry and Femke dan Hass from ‘Bali Dolphin Project’ who gave us a talk and slideshow about their project to save dolphins from captivity in Bali, and to begin the process of releasing them back into their natural environment. It was an amazing and powerful presentation that really struck the students right in their hearts. So much so, that many of them have decided to write to the Director of Forestry and Environment in Jakarta to thank her for allowing this program in Bali, and to encourage her to do more for the dolphins which remain captive. The letters that have been completed are so heartfelt and powerful. Good on you kids for turning your passions into actions. For those of you yet to do this, come and see me for an envelope!

Then we had our second field trip, this time to a local monument in Sibang. We met the King of Sibang (pictured) and we learned all about the Japanese Monument and other historical and cultural events that have happened in Bali. The King was funny and expressive and even signed autographs afterwards! We returned the favour by cleaning up the temple and surrounds. I’ve never seen kids so enthusiastic to clean- I wonder if this energy could be extended to their bedrooms…

Then, in line with our ‘Sense of Place’ thematic, we invited the operational manager of Green School, Pak Kadek Atara, to come in and speak to the students in G4 Putih (G4 Merah to do this next week). It was a fascinating insight into how the school runs. Did you know- there are only 10 gardeners at Green School? We couldn’t believe this fun-fact: how do they do it?!

All the teachers are mindful that our students’ proficiencies are as critical as the experiential learning that goes on at Green School every day. As such, we have been pushing hard with numeracy activities (place-value, rounding, basic-number facts), literacy (reading groups, letter-writing, spelling activities, editing skills) and bahasa (saying big numbers, family members, prices of items, conversation).

Then there was teman teman, jalan jalan… the list goes on. See you next week for our next field trip and lots of other fun learning!


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