Grade 4 Identity: Week 5


  1. Four graders should not be in classroom before 8:10am. They could be in HoS, field or Gym to play or socialize.

  2. The students need to finish and bring their interview paper for Computer lesson.

  3. Parents need to reply the email regarding to the field trip next week.

  4. Don’t forget to pack water bottles, sunscreen, and a hat everyday.

This week was started with a showcase of what we have done during primary assembly. It was exciting watching all the students actively engaged in the preparation, rehearsal and during the show. It was a great show after all!

During thematic lesson this week, students explored the different sides to identity. They learnt that identities are complex and develop over time. They noticed that sometimes that people would show their identities to the outside world and sometimes they could hide what they don’t want people to see about them. Creating two-side mask shows this fact. They also explored the relationship between the individual and society by looking at how their own identities are influenced by others. They brought home a task to interview people around them who are from their life area.

Grade 4 Putih was working on the measurement of individual child in the class to get all data needed in calculating the mean and mode of the class, while the grade 4 Merah was working on Place Value of a number.

We also talked about different kinds of Indonesian ID cards and all the details during Indonesian Studies. At the end, the students are allowed to create their own ID Card. It was fun reading their ID cards that have interesting info about them.

Students were so excited when they had a time today to continue their project in building their small community site in the jungle. They diligently carried all klangsah, the woven coconut leaves, from the recycle center to their site and finishing the communal building by putting on the klangsah as the roof. Before they started the work, we had a deep conversation about ‘anger’ feeling: how it looks likes and feel likes.

Happy Weekend everyone!

Grade 4 Team

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